Am I in love with my guy friend?

Oh yes.. The beloved guy friend.

At some point in every girls life, she will find herself feeling romantically  drawn towards a guy friend that she previously had no feelings for.

Let’s just call this guy “Friendzone Fred.

He is sweet and cool, and hey, he isn’t REPULSIVE per se… Why didn’t you think of this before?!

Well, maybe it’s because you weren’t experiencing any of the following:


Your self esteem has taken a major blow. You’ve been rejected, or cheated, or called names by someone you cared for…

You crave reassurance, comfort, and safety.

Friendzone Fred would appreciate you, because he knows you so well and still wants you… He thinks everything you do is awesome… He brings over stuff to cook dinner together and watch movies and play scrabble….

His heart beats fast when you sit next to him, and yet he never tries to get sexual because he respects your wishes.

You recognize the sexual tension, and harmlessly flirt with him because he loves feeding your ego and it’s innocent fun.



You haven’t met anyone cool in a while… You are getting lonely…
You start spending more time with Friendzone Fred because Friendzone Fred is always messaging you first, and coming round to ask you to go fun places or spend time together.

The time you spend with Fred is easy… Laid back…. You don’t feel nervous around him and you don’t care if he see you looking like complete and utter shit in your sweatpants because it’s “just Fred”

You can be yourself around Friendzone Fred, and you never fight because you never cared. You never worry that he may not like you anymore… You don’t worry if he doesn’t text back immediately… You don’t feel jealous if you talk about exes and crushes and sex with Freddy… Because he isn’t your BF.

You start to think that dating is too much work… Heartache sucks and isn’t worth the risk… And maybe you DO want a guy that you can be yourself around, like Friendzone Fred.

Maybe Fred has been the guy for you all along!!


•Thirst for ROMANCE

Friendzone Fred has loved you from the sidelines, through countless shitty relationships.

Freddy is madly in love with you.
All Freddy’s friends and family know you, and know that you are his dream girl…

You get caught up in the Romantic situation of bestowing your love upon him, after all this time…. You have the power to completely make or break Fred.

You love the adorable story factor of “realizing I loved my best friend”
And the romance in feeling that he is your true destiny–

After all, he KNEW you were meant for eachother and he loved you so much he WAITED for you to realize it…

You imagine chasing after his motorcycle in the rain.. “Come back! Freddy! It’s you! It’s always been you” (kiss-kiss-kiss)



Friendzone Fred has wiped away your tears for years, and told you how you deserve the best out of life….

Freddy is so sweet and and such a nice guy…. You think, “I want to find a nice guy like Fred”

Fred would drop everything an be there for me, Fred pampers me, Fred opens the door for me and pays the tab because he is a gentleman, even though we are just friends….

My parents Love Fred! He fixed my grandmas garbage disposal before he took me to that out of town alcohol free wedding I asked him to go to since my boyfriend didn’t feel like going…

He checked my tire pressure, changed my oil, and bought all the gas just to be nice!

Fred is Husband material!!

In fact, I’m kinda ready to settle down with a guy who will treat me the way I deserve! That guy should be Fred!

Sadly, in many many cases, the woman realizes shortly after entering into a relationship with Fred that she jumped too soon.

She tries to force feelings that she WISHES were there, because they just aren’t.

She feels that she sacrificed love for comfort.
She goes from a desperation to be LOVED to having a desperation to BE IN LOVE.

She can’t help it that while she loves Freddy, it just isn’t there…..

Often times it takes just a few short months or meeting a guy who takes her breath away, before she tells Fred she made a mistake.

But she knows Freindzone Fred will understand and forgive- he just wants her to be happy, and like he always says, the friendship means more to him than anything.

Friendzone Freddy takes the rejection like a gentleman.

Fred becomes angry, bitter, and annoyed with women.