How to behave when your girlfriend is HOT

It’s the plight of every guy. Find yourself a beautiful woman to love.

But then what do you do? You’ve caught one! How the hell do you keep her?!

That’s when you go a little bit nuts. When you have a hot girlfriend, you have to be cool with other men staring at or hitting on your girlfriend..

It’s just going to happen and you have to accept it.

Never insult her by acting fearful or jealous about this attention.

Just because she has lots of options, doesn’t mean she can’t control herself.
She likely has always been swarmed by guys, and the attention is nothing new.

Keeping your hot girlfriend isolated from other men will not make her forget that she could leave you for one of them.

She chose to date YOU- Feel lucky!!

Focus on the two of you and don’t let paranoia or self doubt erode your relationship.

A hot girl always has to deal with jealous boyfriends… She appreciates meeting a man who treats her like a real person and not a commodity that everyone wants.

She wants a guy who takes her out and shows her off and smiles at her wickedly from acrossed the room when he sees her politely deflecting another mans advances..

It’s great foreplay for the both of you… And how wonderful to take her home and unwrap her, whispering “I’m so lucky” in her ear…

Rather than giving her the silent treatment and finding reasons to get accusatory towards her, or demanding to know how she knows each person she said hello to, try putting your hand on her thigh on the car ride home and saying, “everyone had their eye on you tonight, you looked so hot”

Don’t make the night end in her tears, followed by you trying to make it up to her the next day by apologizing and explaining that you just don’t want to lose her.

She shouldn’t have to go through that shit just because you are insecure.