Do Girls have Fetishes?

We all know men have some pretty unusual fetishes.. Foot worshipers, dirty panty collectors…

Don’t even get me started on the things I’ve heard from men over the years!

But what about women? Do women have sexual fetishes? YES!

Women’s fetishes however, are very much tied into emotional needs regarding sexual and feminine adequacy.

For example, the most common fetishes for women involve POWER.
Power as it relates to sex roles, and power as it relates to validation in self.

Whether dominating or submissive, women find sexual fascination in the flirtation of power.


– to dominate a man.. To humiliate him… To take his power from him using nothing but your sex- it is quite a rush!

Especially for a woman who may have felt used, or powerless, or generally timid In actual life..

These women especially may find that holding down a big strong man with nothing but the tip of a stiletto, making him beg, gives them a sense of exhilaration and control.

It fills the need for a power shift, even if it is only fantasy.

Women like to feel validation- they like control- they like to feel powerful and sexy.

It’s not so much the act of seeing a man do what she says, it’s the idea that he is TURNED ON by it. That is where the true power lies.

The fact that a man finds you that sexy, and trusts you that much, and gives you that kind of power over him, is intoxicating.

(With or without pain)

To be submissive to a man- this may be the most common female fetish.

Despite feminism, despite self respect, there’s something deep inside many women that craves being used like a sex slave.

It’s probably linked to affirmation or self esteem in some way.

Pornography depicts women in this way, and women want to behave the way women in pornography behave.

Women like to feel that they are the “best” you’ve had.. They compete with each other in this way, and they get jealous thinking about your sex with other girls.

Also, women who have poor self esteem can find themselves feeling a sense of satisfaction from being dominated.

In a way, it makes them feel accepted, and chosen, and protected.

This makes them feel feminine, and animal, and approved of, which is oddly connected to a temporary boost in self worth.

•Dirty talk

A lot of women Fantasize most about a man who knows how to dirty talk right.

Women want a guy who talks TO them.

We want you to look at us, overcome with lust, and confidently tell us what you want us to do or what you love about what’s happening.

Don’t ask question after question

When you talk dirty to a girl, it should be more like,
“I want you to lean back so I can (look at that, or do this, or reach your)”
“Oh my god you’re so blanking blank”
“Oh my god I want to watch you blank”
“Come here and blank”
“Blank you’re good, aren’t you?!”
“Blank yes! I can’t believe this is happening”

And less like,
“Do you like that blank in your blank? Do you like when I blank your blank?
How’s that babe?
How’s this?
Faster or slower?
Do you like that blank you dirty slut?”
“Do you like to blank my blank?”

Throwing in a few of the above is great, but not more than a couple.

We don’t want to feel like you are looking at us waiting for us to cum, and wondering if you are hitting the right spots.

We want to feel like your looking at us and feeling like a predator about to take his kill.

When you are savage with your lust, and we see that we have done that to you, it will be the best sex of our lives- full of passion and animalistic satisfaction- and even the most insecure woman on earth, in that moment- feels like a sex goddess.

And just as a guide, when talking dirty to a girl, try to shy away from words like “slut, bitch, and whore”

It’s true, that dirty talk is supposed to be somewhat degrading, there are certain words, buzz words for ladies, that take a bit of focus away from the act because we are hard wired to take offense to them.

In deep role playing some women may want to be called a dirty little slut.
But at first, until you know that, assume that the woman you are with would rather be called a “bad girl” or “naughty girl” “kinky, nasty, wild”
Just start out on the more respectful end of the spectrum.

•Sex with strangers

Many women have secret or not secret fantasies about doing a total stranger.
For some women, it’s frequent one night stands.

Maybe it’s the door to door salesman, maybe it’s the idea of going to the store in a see through dress or short skirt with no panties and MAKING SOMEONES LIFE by taking them home from the market and giving them a story they would never forget.

Maybe it’s imagining luring the group of young guys playing basketball across the street into coming into your house when your home alone and having them all in your living room while your guy is at work.

Most women don’t act on fantasies like this, but they are common.

Maybe it’s because sex with strangers gives women that same sense of power and validation in their desirability and worth.

•Sex in public

It’s common for women to fantasize about a man taking them sexually in a semi public place.

Not only is it thrilling for obvious reasons, like getting caught, but it also gives women a sense of being irresistible and exciting to their guy.

It makes them feel so sexually appealing that they have transformed their man into a lust driven animal who can barely control himself.

He will risk confrontation or consequences, because he has to have you. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

Role Play

Escape. Getting to be someone else… Someone who does things she normally wouldn’t do….

This can give a woman a feeling of power and freedom!

She is not accountable to herself for what she does and how much she enjoys it.

Role play is a “good girl’s” best friend!

Any woman that can’t get outside herself enough.. Who just can’t stop feeling awkward, fantasizes about having sex as another person.

Role play makes you feel silly and fun, which is disarming at first, but the more that a woman slips into character, the more her repressed sexuality can roam.

So in conclusion, it’s pretty basic what turns on women the most- TURNING YOU ON, and feeling a heightened sense of self worth.

SO much of what drives a woman is based on self esteem, sexuality is no different.

The sexier a woman feels, the sexier she will be.