How can I know if a guy is flirting with me?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a guy is really flirting with you, or if he is interested.

Is he giving me a sign?!

Not all men have the confidence to approach you outright.

Remember that men can be like skiddish woodland creatures… They scamper up on the porch all cute and curious but once they’ve had an angry broom swinging their way, they learn to stand back and just nibble away at the trash.

It may take a little time, and no sudden movements, before you get one to be comfortable eating from your hand again.

But what are the clues that some of these creatures may be looking for handouts?

Well, as both a woman, and a bartender, I have been hit on by just about every type of guy there is, and over the years, I’ve noticed that different categories of guys seem to use fairly predictable approaches.

“Personality guys” ( guys who are funny or sarcastic ) will come right out and ask you out.
They may have a joke prepared.

Successful guys” will nonchalantly mention their career or job title to bait you for conversation.

Handsome guy” will have a hard time. He will position himself near you, and awkwardly fake interest in his phone or peel a label off a beer bottle, while occasionally laughing at your jokes or initiate small talk, but if you don’t get the message he is hesitant to put himself out there.

Smart guy” will engage you in conversation usually by making fun of other people or asking your opinion on something and compliment your mind.

Perv guy/married guy” will comment on your body within the first ten minutes, or on someone else’s body (often comparing you to another woman favorably and pointing out her flaws)

geek/nerd guys”
Will either complain about something nearby you, or stare at you and look away, and sniffle frequently.

Just keep an eye out for some of these signs, or when in doubt, sit next to the guy, and say, “HI! ”

See what happens 😉
Happy Hunting girls