Love Hack: How can I know if I’m right for her?

Ask her about her parents.

The relationship a woman has with her parents, can give you a lot of clues about what type of man she will go for.

Daddy’s princess

Women who worship their perfect fathers tend to have rebellious natures, and or uneasy relationships with their mothers.

These women want a man like dad but never want to be like their mother, and are usually unaware that they are exactly like their mothers.

They choose men that piss off their mother. That means you need to have an edge- but be very romantic and old fashioned.

Who’s your daddy? I don’t know 🙁

Does she have a piece of shit dad or absentee dad?

These women need to be loved unconditionally and feel safe. They may choose assholes that need “fixing”. They desperately want to be NEEDED.

These women tend to have fewer female friends, and less respect for themselves.

The right guy for this woman needs to make them feel accepted as is. He will need to see the best in them when they can’t see it for themselves.

Beaver Cleaver

Does she have the perfect family? Does she have close relationships with both her parents?

This woman tends to need an exciting life full of new experiences. She will need a sophisticated man with an active lifestyle. She will have high standards and be focused more on life than on the need for love.

Public enemy #1

This woman doesn’t speak to her parents since they gave her an ultimatum, or disowned her.

She is angry, she is tough, and she may or may not have a fractured sense of self.

She is stubborn, and she doesn’t like to be disagreed with.

It’s easier to walk away from people than to risk being hurt or rejected.

She probably seems like the most stable woman you’ve met… So in control of her dramatics…

However, this woman is existing as a trembling wet child inside a stone wall of indifference.

To be with this woman long term, you need to stimulate her playful side, and tip-toe around her faux ego.

She craves personal validation, and a strong man who makes her feel safe being vulnerable, and sees who she is, beyond the surface.

spoiled and superior

She gets along with her parents, but their existence is primarily for thanksgiving and christmas, or of course, if she needs something.

She always had everything she wanted, regardless of how petty the request, or whether or not it was truly in her best interest.

Her parents are spineless and come fussing over her, despite any immaturity or nastiness.

This woman may be a great girl, but she is self absorbed unless someone she loves is in crisis.

This woman craves authority, especially in a sexual way.

She needs a man who will challenge her, and call her on her bullshit.

She needs the passion, and she needs to feel “checked” from time to time in order to respect her man.

She is also typically focused on outside perceptions, so be prepared to dish out a few hundred dollars on the latest designer hand bag, because her relationship is worthless if it doesn’t invoke jealousy and approval from others.

If a man isn’t superior to others in her eyes, she can’t respect him, and therefore doesn’t want him physically, regardless of other redeemable qualities.

This is because she wants to feel that he is her caretaker, protector, and manager.

Often times these women end up with abusive men for this reason.
They are fascinated and completed by the authority their parents never gave them.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

This woman is deeply dependent upon being there for a beloved but unstable parent.

This parent NEEDS them, whether they are chronically sick, handicapped, drug addicted, or mystery afflicted- this girl is a caregiver.

She feels fulfilled by taking everything onto her shoulders, because only then does she feel a sense of familiarity and control.

She needs a man who appreciates her, but doesn’t scold her for her nanny syndrome, and insists she sit down while someone else does the dishes…

This is torture for her.

She needs a man who gets up and starts helping with the dishes and doesn’t say anything.

She needs a PARTNER.

She is mature, and she is kind.
She often puts up with more than she should because she always puts herself in the other persons shoes.

She doesn’t want someone to take care of her, but it’s not healthy for her to be with someone she has to take care of.

The right man for this woman will find a balance between the two, and always be verbally appreciative.

Prince John

“Mommy always did like RICHARD best…”

This one is the black sheep.

She may or may not have a distorted perception of her upbringing, and she likely has a great deal of resentment towards her parents for “favoring” other siblings.

This type of girl craves her parents acceptance.

She can’t stop rebelling against them, while chasing their love.

She probably has had a needlessly painful existence, riddled with poor romantic choices and a lack of motivation.

This woman needs a man who likes the same things about her that she likes about herself.

He sees her as unique and doesn’t have any pre conceived notions regarding how a woman or relationship should be.

He is open to new ideas and new experiences, and is well practiced in the art of listening, rather than fixing.

This woman needs a man who is her best friend.

When you are getting to know a girl, while there are always exceptions, determining the type of relationship she has with her parents is key in helping you to understand how this person is wired.


Xx Becky Lee